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2021 - 41,9 x 59,4 cm - India ink on paper
Piet and Miet love to stay inside and sit in their living room. They’re perfectly OK with that. But no way they want to be seen as ‘sitting behind the geraniums’. “What will all the people outside think?!’ Miet panicked. “We have to replace our geraniums with something that makes us look more modern and lively.” Piet said resolutely. Grandson Theo knew just the plant they were looking for. “PS; you should also smoke the tips of the plants.” He said.... Since then, Piet and Miet have been having the time of their lives.

Some background-info: sitting behind the Geraniums is a Dutch saying used to refer to senior living, used for the elderly that are retired and who don’t really engage in societies or hobby’s, and have nothing more to do than sit behind their window in the living room. Furthermore, geraniums are plants bought typically by the elderly, then hung outside of the window often. When inactively sitting in their living room, they would automatically sit behind the geraniums.

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Would you like to see more of Piet and Miet enjoying their new life behind the cannabis? Then please click the video below!