BIRTH OF A FAMILYClick here for Dutch

2022 - 29,7 x 42 cm – India ink, fineliner, coloured pencil and markers on paper

A little gnome house hidden away in a tree trunk, where a little gnome lady and man are holding their newborn baby - that’s me and my husband converted to gnomes, holding our yet-to-be-born baby boy. The most beautiful thing that I’ve ever been through I had to try and catch in a drawing. To pass it on to our little one, for whom this drawing is made.

I’ve tried to make a little fantasy world for him, to dream about when he’s little or to maybe get away from the hustle-bustle life when he’s older and the world sometimes doesn’t seem as safe or beautiful as always. To find out what it’s all about again: the small things, the sweet things, family. For now, I’m going to enjoy a beautiful time up ahead, filled with the fantasy of our child that I’m sure me and my husband will learn a lot from.

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