IGNI LUX, CARPE FORTE!Click here for Dutch

2021 - 24 x 32 cm - graphite on paper
The lamps in this still life symbolize potential, chances, passions if you will, right there to be lit and therefore seized. But they won’t light themselves, you’ll have to light them yourself. Maybe the first strike of a match doesn’t result in a flame, or the flame doesn’t make it all the way to the lamp and extinguishes on the way. Hence that there are several used matches lying around. But it’s a fact that to stop trying will definitely result in cold darkness. Because, when the lamps eventually will be lit, they will bring a whole lot of warmth and light . For me, a lit lamp is a symbol for positivity in your life, a seized chance. This still life thus is a depiction of hope.

Click on the video below to see the still life in more detail!