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Ever since I could hold a pencil as a kid, it became my passion. I used to retreat on birthday parties that were too crowded and be satisfied with some drawing utensils and a piece of paper. I would fill stolen minutes in school with doodles in my notebook. Not a lot has changed since then! My aim in drawing is to add new stories, thinking material or a piece of fantasy to the world. Through my drawings I like to closely examine fragments of our world.

In my spare time, besides drawing, I also enjoy making and collecting music, and from time to time I like to retreat into nature with my bicycle or by foot.

I’ve always had great admiration for the grand masters, yet also the lesser known artists in art history, who inspire me a lot. Therefore I regularly pay visits to museums and I have completed my Bachelor of Arts in Art History in Nijmegen.

The creative force behind drawing really fascinates me. It really is a privilege to always sit on the front row seat and to be able to see how an empty piece of paper transforms into a narrative image.

At any time of the day, all kinds of stories that I want to tell would pop up in my head. I get inspired by the news, by documentaries, by conversations with people, but sometimes a random idea shakes me up in the middle of the night, too. As you can imagine, I have a notebook that bursts of ideas yet to be drawn. I don't feel I have a lot of choice in what I draw, it rather feels like some kind of mission.

I learned that inspiration and motivation are like butterflies: try to catch one, and they will fly off. Leave them be, and they'll settle down near you. Drawing something at random therefore is something I fail to do. The stories that come to my mind actually light the fire in me. For me, it is the ultimate way to share my vision on the world wíth the world. My dream is to break through daily thinking patterns and to spark something in the viewer, to make them ponder the things around them.

Through the years I have developed my own style. As photos formed the basis for my drawings in the past, they are now rather becoming the tool, just like my pencil is. To shape my stories and fantasies, I mostly work with a brush and India Ink. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but something about the black-and-white contrast really puts an emphasis on the stories I want to tell. My drawingstyle can be described as figurative, meticulous and delicate, as I can really lose myself in small details. Over and over again, I feel great joy in create something new.