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12-01-2021 - 41,9 x 59,4 cm - India ink on paper
In this drawing, I open up to the outside world about the way the coronacrisis affects me personally. I’ve been pestered by depressive thoughts often, where I’m usually a very cheerful person. Being totally honest about it is quite a big step for me. Making this drawing enabled me to give my feelings a place and to get some closure, hence it is a very important drawing for me.

In short, here’s an introduction to all the hidden meanings in this drawing:
-    The number 104: my house number, during the corona crisis it is the number of my prison cell.
-    Me being depicted 3 times at the table: during home isolation, that’s most of the company there is The fourth me under the table symbolizes a state of going crazy.   
-    The wine and the Triominos game symbolize the good times.
-    The cobra stands for the gloomy thoughts that can still enter through the barred windows.
-    The 307 tally marks: the 307 days, from March 12th 2020 (the date the first severe measures for stopping the spread of corona came through) till January 12th 2021 (the day I finished this drawing).

The coronacrisis hits us all in very different ways. Let's not point fingers at each other and let this crisis polarize us. Rather, let us show compassion for each other's situation.

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Please also see the video below, where I explain the drawing with audio!