The Last JudgementClick here for Dutch

2021 - 41,9 X 59,4 cm - India ink and graphite on paper
In this drawing the Last Judgement is depicted, only this time it is animals who are judging humans on the way they’ve treated animals and nature throughout their lifetimes. Christ is depicted as the Lamb of God; I see this as his animal nature. He is surrounded by his twelve disciples, all of them are animals too.

To the left stands St. Paul, with his usual attribute – the sword. He is depicted as a bull, since a bull is a very powerful animal. His task is to guard the gates of hell to make sure no one escapes. To the right stands St. Peter with the key to the gates of heaven, his usual attribute. He is depicted as a dog because this is a faithful animal, just like Peter was Christ’s most faithful follower.

On the scroll held by the cat one can read the Latin tekst ‘Suavis dominus universis et miserationes ejus super omnia opera ejus’, which translates to ‘The Lord is sweet to all, and his tender mercies are over all his works’.

Archangel Michael weighs the souls of the deceased: they who have an empty soul weigh less and are therefore doomed to hell. They who have heavy souls have a lot of virtuous, spiritual luggage and are therefore allowed to enter heaven.

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If you would like to know more about this drawing and its story, please see the video below, where everything is explained in detail!