THE SECRET LIFE OF BEPClick here for Dutch

2021 - 42 x 29,7 cm - Watercolour and charcoal on paper

Bep is a pretty waitress in a retro café. One day, the door of the café sways open, and a swoosh of cool, awesome air breezes in. This very handsome bird walks in, sits himself down and smokes a cigarette. She can’t keep her eyes off of him.

Then he walks up to the bar to get his coffee. Her heart races in her chest. It is now or never, because who knows if she’ll ever see him again? So she decides to just leave her chores and sit down with this handsome gentleman called Koos. There definitely is a spark!

So later, when Koos brings his new girlfriend home for me to meet, I immediately find they are the perfect couple. Ever since, they have been inseparable.

Want to see Bep at work in her little café? See the video below:


Koos and Bep belong to each other - they have met in the same café and fell in love with each other there. Want to get to know Koos a little better as well? Click the button below!

Het Geheime Leven van Koos