Threathened BouquetClick here for Dutch

2021 - 42 x 29,7 cm - India ink, coloured pencil and markers on paper

'Threathened Bouquet' is a modern take on Dutch flower still lifes of the 17th century.

This drawing revolves around the threat to Dutch biodiversity, and therefore to our wild flora and fauna. In this bouquet, various endangered plant- and flowerspecies are brought together, all of them on the Dutch Red List of Plants. Included are the 'wilgalant', the 'roggelelie', the 'rozenkransje', the 'wilde kievietsbloem', the wild cross gentian, the wild cornflower and wild cabbage. But there are so many more… All of them once characterized our Dutch landscape.

The Snickers wrapper is a reminder of the human presence, as regrettably, we are responsible for the disbalance in our biodiversity. Also, it is a sign of environmental pollution. It takes us seconds to discard our litter, but it takes ages for nature to recover.

Insects play a key role in our biodiversity, yet over the years their natural habitat has deminished, as 'wild' areas started to disappear. This is why there are several dead insects to be found: the cabbage white, lying perfectly still as if a vulnerable fairy on her bed of cabbage leaf, and two little bees on the table.

Luckily there's more and more initiative to bring back roadsides full of wild flowers, to salvage the seeds of these species and to give homes to our somewhat lost insects. This gives me hope for a colourful, buzzing and fragrant future.

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Want to see this drawing in more detail? Then check the video below!